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Distance learning or distacne education aims to deliver learning/ education to students who are not physically present. For long it was done through delivering physical course materials. Assessment and tracking the progress was defintely a challenge and learning was boring. Thanks to technology and our LMS, this is no longer the case.

Distance Learning through Gyankosh LMS

Using Gyankosh LMS, distance learning can me made much more interactive and tracked continuously. Some of the features which can enhance the quality of distance learning are:

Virtual Classroom

Creating, editing and managing users and groups was never so easy. The LMS provides intuitive interface for creating users, putting them into various groups and managing rights of individual groups and users. Gyankosh also provides for creating report admins for managing the progress of users.

Interactive Tools and Virtual Lab

Gyankosh LMS supports rich media content and interactive tools for distance learning. Distance learning can be enhanced through virtual labs, interactive simulations and animations.

Collaborative Tools

Learning is more fun in a group and e-learning is no different. Gyankosh LMS is build for collaborative e-learning. Our tools like messaging, forum, chat and discussion boards provides many ways of engaing the learners.

Detailed tracking, feedback and reporting

During a distance education module an instructor or admin needs to track the progress and give a feedback. Feedback and tracking is completely automated in Gyankosh LMS. At any point during the distance learning, detailed report with charts and graphs can be generated.

Gyankosh LMS 3.0

Learning Management System - LMS
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Learning Management System with SCORM 2004 support, improved workflow and many more enhancements.
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Aptitude Test

Online Test on Aptitude
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